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A Sacred Container to birth the art that heals yourself and others

Your YOU-NIQUE Destiny is calling you

You are here to make an impact in the world. You can feel it coming through you but you need a little push. Our world is changing rapidly and so are you. You are evolving into the powerful artist healer you were destined to be. Now is the time to can get support to bring your dreams into your lived reality. The Youniverse Portal is where it all comes together. Join us today and let’s bring your healing creative gifts into the world for those who need them. 

Youniverse Portal

Step the YOUNIVERSE Portal Today

You are here on this Earth at this time for a reason. And you are reading this page for a reason. It's time to connect your Spirit Energy with your Physical Energy and become the creative powerhouse you were always meant to be. In the vortex of the transformation that is going on world-wide right now, you are awakening your divine soul and inviting your divine essence to bring the healing to the planet that's needed more than ever right now. This is your call to action. Dreaming and fantasising about your creations is a great start, but the essential next step is the day to day actions that will make your dreams manifest in the world. Are you ready to go ALL IN?

How would you feel if you were

CONNECTED with a deeply supportive community of creative women who have got your back. You are no longer flying solo.

COMMITTED to yourself to make that thing happen (book, movie, art project), no matter what. You will not give up on yourself or your dreams.

DEVOTED to your art as your souls purpose and calling. You recognise your work is sacred, just as you are sacred.

ACCOUNTABLE to the group as well as to yourself to make that  dream a reality. You have a team in spirit and in body who are here to help you stay accountable to yourself.

SUPPORTED by regular weekly and monthly teachings to inspire and fuel your creative work and your full soul’s expression?

INSPIRED in a sustainable way to pursue your work until the end (publication, release, launch, etc.) because you feel supported in a container of like-minded people on a similar healing, and envisioning journey


It's all possible in the YOUNIVERSE Portal!


Testimonials about my work

"The retreat gave me the opportunity to reset and begin the rest of my life. Commencing the day with meditation is amazing.  So calming.  Let everything go and start each day fresh.  Follow up meditation with yoga to get your mind and body feeling strong and refreshed.  Complete focus on yourself."
Jenny Daborn
Jenny D
Radical Self Love Retreat, Bali,
"The session was incredibly beneficial. Michelle possesses a remarkable ability to interpret the cards, and she offers a wealth of inspiration when posing questions and providing clarification. I am deeply appreciative of this experience, and without a doubt, I intend to return for more readings. A heartfelt thank you, Michelle."
Anne P
Anne P
Tarot Client, Akasha Retreat, Romania, 2023

I created the YOUNIVERSE PORTAL because

… I saw some incredible creative and beautiful artists, healers and visionaries around me who were struggling to harness their creativity and bring forth their gifts. I saw that at on some level these women did not fully believe in their potential enough to materialise their plans.

Or perhaps they felt that they needed to be more clear on their purpose and focus on just one thing. Or perhaps they had tried many times and financially struggled so had given up. 

And I get that! Even though I have been fascinated by all things creative since I was a young child (studying piano from age seven and in my school recess I did bark carvings in the playground), I didn’t publically call myself an ‘artist’ until I was over 40! I struggled with the need to earn my living and the feeling that I couldn’t do that as an artist. So I repressed my very deep desire to focus on that and pushed myself into different paths – web design, teaching languages, cooking on boats, until I just could not ignore my inner artist any more. 

I was lucky in that my yoga and meditation practice have alway opened up my inner space to have the difficult conversations with myself.

For me these healing practices are my portal into the inner world of spirit and creativity. Spiritual practice and creative practice are in a synergistic relationship and one cannot exist without the other.

During one of these inner conversations in 2020, I made a committment to producing an album of songs – The Youniverse (released in 2021). I was lucky enough to find a wonderful music producer in Malaysia who encouraged and supported me. In the same year I also produced my first Youniverse calendar with all my original paintings. 

With the support of my Spirit Guides, the Sacred land of Bali and my Communities worldwide, I began to knit all my passions in Healing, Tarot, Yoga, Music and Art together into one path – The Youniverse Portal.

And this is the path I am so excited and honoured to share with YOU!

~ Akasha Chelle 

Now it's time for you to step through the portal


You are invited into the Youniverse Portal


This is a virtual community space where you can connect with your inner artist and alchemise your pain into your creative power so that you can bring your beautiful gifts out into the world.

This is the place where you will hone your artistic talents while you also deepen your spiritual connection with all that is (the true source of your creativity) so that you can find fulfillment in your work and shine your light in the world.

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Here's How it Works

The Youniverse Portal

The Youniverse Portal meets you where you are on your spiritual journey with a smorgasbord of offerings for multi-passionate life artists, including Live Art Making Sessions, Masterclasses for growing spiritually and empowering yourself, and Yoga Classes to release and relax in between work. 

Not to mention 24/7 access to a library of pre-recorded audio meditations on themes of spirituality and creativity, and two powerful online courses (one has been taken by  over 2000 people on the Insight Timer  meditation app).

Each month from January to September there will be a LIVE Masterclass around a specific theme aligned with the YOUNIVERSE Calendar for 2024 to guide your creative process (on or near the date of the New Moon). 

Each month there will also be either a Yoga Classes (Live and Recorded) or an ART Session on our and an Open Studio Session where we will work together on our projects. 

Connecting with the others in this community is such an important part of the process so that’s why we also have 24/7 private and secure forums and messaging (exclusive to the web platform – not on social media).

October, November we will have a break from the LIVE Sessions in order to focus on our our end of year goals and in December we will do a Year in Review Workshop.

Themes Included are:

VISION ~ Channel your higher self in to connect with your creative visions

SACRED CONNECTION ~ Connect deeply with your inner self through yoga, meditation and other techniques like Reiki and re-pattern negative thoughts

HEALING  ~ Discover and heal any blocks to your creative work including identifying your deepest dominant thought (such as ‘it will never work’)

COMMITTMENT ~  to producing your work, according to your intentions and goals. This space is a space where you will be held accountable to what you commit to do. 

ABUNDANCE ~ You are encouraged to move into a mindset of abundance in money, connections and collaborations with your work

What people are saying

The Tarot Session with Michelle was a mixture of confirmation, reminder and guidance that I really needed. With the blessing that I felt during the session Michelle conducted with ease and inspiration the processing just naturally made sense. I truly recommend you be 'accompanied' by Michelle through this experience if you are open to embrace the guidance from the Universe.
Tarot Client, Akasha Retreat, Romania 2023
Michelle is also a great yoga and meditation teacher; she is patient, communicates very well, and demonstrates yoga practice and meditation on both spiritual and physical platforms, in a connected, calming, supportive and inspiring way. I would really encourage individuals who wish to explore and develop self love , as well as to enhance their yoga and meditation techniques, to attend one of Michelle’s RSL retreats.
Kim B
Radical Self Love Retreat, Bali 2019

You will receive:

  • A Monthly LIVE Zoom Masterclass on the Theme of the month (75 minutes)  (January – September). In October and November we will have a break from the Workshops) {value $250}
  • Either 1 x Monthly LIVE Studio Session for working on your creations in a group while chatting and sharing (90 Minutes) {Value 400$} OR 1 x LIVE Yoga Class (Recorded for if you miss it) {value: $25}
  • *24/7 Access to a Library of Guided Meditations, Audio Journeys, Talks and Online Courses (recorded) to support your to make art, heal and alchemise your pain into your creative gold at your own pace {Value: $1995}
  • An Annual Review Workshop in December to look at how you did on making your dreams your reality and what you need to focus on for the next year {$95}
  • Each month there will be a recommended pack of Recordings from the Audio Library which match the theme of the month. Think of this as your recommended Apple TV for Visionary Artist Healers for each month.

Total Value: $2,365

You will also get access to a PRIVATE Community online (not on Facebook or other Social Media) where you can connect any time with the  other members of the Youniverse Portal via Private Messaging and Forums.

Here are some of the things I hope you will create as part of the Youniverse Portal

Your Book
A Book Of Poetry

Your First Album of Songs

Enter the Youniverse

A New Band

An Art Exhibtion

Here are two ways you can sign up to the Youniverse Portal today


Monthly Payment

Pay Monthly ~ 29$ (AUD) per month

  • 1 LIVE Masterclass per month on the Theme of the month (75 Minutes)
  • 1 LIVE Studio Session – Art Making Session on Zoom OR Yoga Class (60 Minutes) – Recorded for if you don’t make it
  • 24/7 Access to a library of Online Courses, Audio Journeys and Guided Meditations
  • 24/7 Access to Private Messaging and Forums members only

(You are free to cancel any time)


Annual Payment

Pay Annually : $290 (AUD) for the year (Two Months FREE!)

  • 1 LIVE Masterclass per month on the Theme of the month (75 Minutes)
  • 1 LIVE Studio Session – Art Making Session on Zoom OR Yoga Class (60 Minutes) – Recorded for if you don’t make it
  • 24/7 Access to a library of Online Courses, Audio Journeys and Guided Meditations
  • 24/7 Access to Private Messaging and Forums members only

(You are free to cancel any time)

The Youniverse Portal is for you if:

  • You are excited and ready to step onto your Spiritual / Soul Artist path (you don’t have to be a practicing artist to join this membership)
  • You are willing to devote at least 3 hours per week to the Portal
  • You want to be a part of an online connected, supportive community of like minded visionary women 
  • You are 100% committed to realising your goals and following your soul’s purpose

The Youniverse Portal is not for you if:

  • You don’t really want to put in the work required to heal old patterns that prevent you from realising your goals and dreams
  • You have no interested in healing, alchemy and transformation
  • You like to occupy the victim role in your life