Terms of Service

The Youniverse Community is the online membership portal for the work of ‘Akasha Love’ – making more space for love in every area of your life, through yoga, meditation, creativity and self-reflection. This community is founded by soul alchemist, yoga + meditation teacher and artist / musician, Michelle Elise Taffe. Anybody is free to join this community, but you must agree to be courteous and cordial to all the other members at all times.

We reserve the right to cancel your membership should we deem your behaviour in the membership site with other members as inappropriate. We may cancel anyone’s membership at any time based on inappropriate behaviour without giving any warnings. This is because the highest value of this community is love, respect and peace in our relating with others.

As a member of the Youniverse community, you must agree to participate in the community in accordance with the values of this community which are: loving kindness in our relationship with others, honesty and transparency in all our communications, taking ownership of your ‘stuff’ whenever you can and limiting as much as possible projections of your inner pain onto others. This community is not a place for the promotion of your work or business, unless there is a forum or a group that’s been specifically set up by admin for this purpose. Though you may offer help or support to others in the community, we have a golden rule of refraining from advice giving unless it is specifically asked for by someone.

Memberships to the Youniverse Community can be cancelled any time, and automatically you will not be charged next month’s payment.

For the first month’s membership you will be charged only US$1. After this, the Youniverse Community (‘Youniverse Community – monthly option’) you will be charged US$33. The annual option (US$339) includes a 15% discount on the monthly rate. We don’t offer refunds for months already paid for in the community, but you are free to cancel your membership at any time, and you won’t be charged the next month’s payment. If you select the Annual payment option, should you not wish to continue your membership, you are free to cancel any time during the year and you won’t be charged for the next year.

If you would like to upgrade to the one-off ‘Creative Self Expression’ program, you will have the opportunity to do this when it opens.

Remember that we are all mirrors for each other. Try to see whatever is going on in any exchange as half you and half them.

Should you have any issues arise in regards to your Youniverse membership, please email Michelle at: hello (at) akashalove.life.