• 10 Lessons

    From Little Me to Big Us: Moving from Ego to Higher Self Consciousness

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    This is a comprehensive course in moving from way of living based more on Ego consciousness (‘me and mine’) to a consciousness that is drawing from your Higher Self (‘us and ours’). This course will help you to let go of a small-self outlook on life, which is fear-based and defensive, to an outlook which draws from a sense of being a part of the whole; a consciousness moved by and governed by love.

    Drawing from the teachings of spiritual masters through the ages such as Carl Jung and Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay, you will be given tools to help you check in with yourself daily and quickly move from ‘little me’ thinking into higher-self consciousness. Developing and maintaining optimal health makes it much easier to stay in unity consciousness, so you will also be guided to develop a personalised Radical Self Care plan based on Ayuvedic principles, helping you access and maintain excellent physical, emotional and mental health.