Self Love 101

This is a course in Self Knowledge and Self Love, helping you to learn more about yourself through discovering more about your 'inner nature'.

We cover what is the difference between living from Ego (or wounded self) and living from your Higher Self (true self); your Belief Systems: identifying them and transmuting and healing negative beliefs; Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness of others; and developing a Radical Self Care system based on the ancient self healing knowledge contained in Ayurveda.

Akasha Chelle · November 3, 2021

Learn to love yourself truly, madly and deeply.

About Instructor

Akasha Chelle

Akasha Chelle is a Soul Alchemist, Tarot Reader, Musician and Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and the founder of this Youniverse Community.

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  • 9 Lessons
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